Our personality is what defines us, not our looks. Whether we are caring, intelligent, athletic or even mean, these are the traits that are remembered. But what really creates these traits? How have we become the people we are today? A common debate amongst society, is it nature or nurture? Nature is the biological make-up […]

The film “Sweeny Todd” is about a man who was taken from his wife and daughter and is now looking for revenge.  It is a gothic fiction film directed by Tim Burton, showing how Sweeny Todd drives himself further and further into his revenge plan. Eventually, his intentions consume him. Tim Burton also directed the […]

“Addiction is a special kind of hell. It takes the soul of the addict and breaks the hearts of everyone who loves them.” ‘The Black Cat’ is a short story, written by Edgar Allan Poe and was about a man that struggled with an alcohol addiction. This addiction caused him to act out in irrational […]

“Frankenstein” is a novel written by Mary Shelley. The story is set in the 18th century when things were very different than they are now. The 18th century is known as ‘The Enlightenment’, they called it this because this was the era of transition from everyone believing in God to the new ideas of science. […]

Geneva “and in the majestic and wondrous scenes which surrounded our Swiss home—the sublime shapes of the mountains, the changes of the seasons, tempest and calm, the silence of winter, and the life and turbulence of our Alpine summers—she found ample scope for admiration and delight. While my companion contemplated with a serious and satisfied […]

“Suddenly I knew that the sound was not in my ears, it was not just inside my head. At that moment I must have become quite white.” The-Tell-Tale-Heart, written by Edgar Allan Poe, is a short story that demonstrates many different elements of gothic fiction. Edgar does this through the protagonist that tries convincing the […]

“Destiny was too potent, and her immutable laws had decreed my utter and terrible destruction.” This statement tells the reader that Frankenstein’s fate is too strong for him, there is no way around it. He must obey and follow his fate, just as you do the law. However, it also says it had “decreed my […]

Chapter 7 The dad sends Frankenstein a letter telling him how his brother has been murdered so Frankenstein feels he must return home. “my dear Victor, you have probably waited impatiently for a letter to fix the date of your return to us…William is dead!” He goes back to Geneva and gets trapped in the […]

“natural decay and corruption of the human body” sets the mood to the reader that Frankenstein is studying the darker side of the body’s natural occurrences.  Frankenstein wants to research about the corruption of humans, exposing the hidden truths that people choose to ignore. Also, death is a sensitive topic, something people would avoid thinking […]

syndics-“a government official in various countries.” indefatigable-“persisting tirelessly.” perpetually-“in a way that never ends or changes; constantly.”