10th May 2017

chapter 4

in this chapter Fitzgerald was trying to imply that these people must not have been very nice people. This is because all the names that were said were names of rich people who only came to Gatsby’s party for their own reputation. They over stay their welcome, drink too much and don’t actually care or respect the people around them. However, they are mostly all respectable as they have a classed jobs that earn them well. By acknowledging that these people came to his house, it implys that Gatsby himself must be in the same leauge, if not higher, than the people who attend. Gatsby is all about making himslef sound like he has done all these amazing these and is included with lots of special people, this gives the illusion that people like him and he’s important. Each name has something inside it to represent their personality. Gatsby doesn’t actually know anyone there, this means that Gatsby is faking his relationships and popularity. He is empty.

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