6th March 2018


“Destiny was too potent, and her immutable laws had decreed my utter and terrible destruction.”

This statement tells the reader that Frankenstein’s fate is too strong for him, there is no way around it. He must obey and follow his fate, just as you do the law. However, it also says it had “decreed my utter and terrible destruction”, meaning his irresistible fate was going to cause him to break down.

“I closed not my eyes that night”

By Frankenstein keeping his eyes open all night, this foreshadows to the reader a sense of fear. There was a feeling or thought that kept Frankenstein from sleeping, allowing him no rest. Often when a thought keeps you from sleeping it’s from something negative on your mind, suggesting to the reader that Frankenstein is unsettled in some way.

“The astonishment which I had at first experienced on this discovery soon gave place to delight and rapture.”

This foreshadows Frankenstein’s pride and excitement in his work. He has reached a point of success in his studies. His hard work has really paid off and now he has a sense of achievement.

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  1. Nice work, Kate. Make sure that you really pinpoint what words or phrases trigger your ideas and explain that to your readers.


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