27th March 2017

The World of Travel

Bursting with excitement, we were ready to embark upon the trip of a lifetime. We scramble onto the plane with all of our baggage, probably disturbing everyone around us. Crawling into the seat with my fluffy pink pillow wrapped around my neck, I snuggle down and get comfortable. All of a sudden the engine grumbles, my butterflies flap, firing shivers throughout my body. It is time. The mighty dragon takes off with a roar and flies us up into the mystical atmosphere. Out the window is a powerful ball of yellow, glowing fire. It beams down onto us, the rays so blinding that I can no longer see. Eventually, my eyes adjust to the blazing sphere. Pink, feather soft dashes of candy floss whiz past me; stretching out to grab some, I just can’t reach. Giggles and moans come from beside me, my siblings have brought out the candy. As usual, my stubborn, nasty older brother was being selfish and not sharing. He is my personal grinch. There was no way I could stand for this. Begging him to give me some, his guard dropped so I took a handful of them and munch away. Sweet, chewy goodness seeped out of the candy and filled my mouth with joy, I smirk with a sense of success. Surprisingly I get it out of him, I rarely do get it my way. One last movie before it’s time to rest, my siblings and I choose one together. 3,2,1, go! Syncing the play so we can watch together, laugh together and scream together. Darkness, the lights all switch off and the shades become drawn, obviously, it is time to close my lids and let my mystical brain get to work. While dreaming, images of what it’s going to be like rushed through my head, the snowy land, blue fingertips and a visible breath. Snowball fights, snowmen making and skiing, it all overloads my mind. Even while sleeping, I know that this will be the holiday to remember.

Nervously sitting there, ready to go, I just managed to keep myself under control. My family is with me but this time, I am the only one with a boarding pass. We walk over to the point where only passengers can go, I stare at them in disbelief, the time has actually come.

“Finally, I’m free of you guys.”  However, they can see straight through my sarcasm.

Hugging them goodbye, tears start rolling down my cheeks. No longer am I bothered if I disturb people with my laughter, now don’t care if they hear me sob. Squeezing them tight, I know I must let them go. Walking around the corner, they drift out of my sight and my heart stops beating. Where I have no family, I have no heart. Dragging myself into the dirty, dark plane, I think of the fact that I had no company, it was daunting. My bubble sits there, waiting to trap me. Hesitantly, I sit down, all lonely and glum, shivers run through me as I think of what I am leaving behind. Out of the window, there is only darkness, no stars to show me the way, no glowing balls, just me. Families laugh and cry, annoying each other and the people around them. Part of me imagines myself involved but the other part knows it isn’t going to happen so I must stop giving myself some kind of false hope. We cuddle up, my blanket and I, to watch a movie and try not to cry. All lonesome and miserable, I scan the plane to see millions of different movies playing, now thinking about the time where I could only see one. I decide it’s time to get some sleep because I know that I will need it. As I let my eyes roll back, pictures of everything I could have instead filled my mind, family, friends, summer, holidays, making it difficult for me not to regret my decision. I am doing the right thing by leaving, I have to be.

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  1. Watch your use of tense- it changes at times and needs to be consistent. Think about your vocab- how can you capture the child-like excitement in the first piece and the loneliness in the second through your word connotations?


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